With over 100 different class styles on offer, from beginners to advanced, we really do have something for everyone.

Anyone can pole dance...even you.

It all begins with a free taster class. Everyone says they won't be able to do it, that they won't be strong enough, that they are uncoordinated.  Trust us, we've taught over 20,000 people to pole dance, and our programs are designed for anyone, and we mean anyone, to learn how to pole dance.

Free Pole Taster 60 mins

This is where you start.  If you've never tried pole dancing, what have you got to lose!?! We run taster classes at all of studios, and we guarantee you'll have a blast.  Everyone is welcome, come along, come with friends... just come on in and just give it a go!

Ten Week Beginners Pole

After your free taster, come and take the Ten Week Beginners Pole class where we will teach you how to safely move around and grip the pole.  You'll learn a range of basic spins and tricks (nothing scary, we promise!) and put it all together in a pole dance routine for you to learn.

Technique Levelled Classes

From Beginners, we offer eight levels of pole technique classes, all delivered in ten week blocks through the year.  Our instructors are world class and our curricula built to make your pole journey fun and successful.

We offer so much more than pole

Over 100 class styles from beginner to advanced - we cater to everyone, no exceptions.

Dance Classes

Dance Foundations

Never danced before? No problem. Let's start with our Ten Week Dance Foundations skills where you will learn all the core techniques to incorporate your pole tricks into dance combinations.

Performance Routines

Showpony? We have you covered.  Every ten weeks at Sydney Pole we host Showcase at each of our studios, and our Routines classes work through the entire term on a dance routine to a chosen song.  Showcase is optional, but who can resist glamming up to wow the audience!

Our Signature Pole'ography Class

Running along side the routines, Pole'ography is a signature class where our instructors challenge you every two weeks to learn a new snappy, short routine.  In the term, you can learn as many as five dance routines and supercharge your skills

Fitness Classes

Toning and Conditioning

Want to get to that next level in your pole technique?  We have a range of classes that will focus on your overall fitness that have been specifically designed by our Sydney Pole course development team.

Flexibility and Contortion

Flexibility is key to reaching those higher levels in pole technique and dance, and if you're really looking to take it to new heights, we even have Contortion classes to teach you to be even more bendy that you can imagine!

Hard Ass & Abs

And who doesn't want some good old fashioned cardio and workout, and classes like our signature Hard Ass and Abs program does exactly what it says on the tin! Don't worry - absolute beginners will love this class just as much as the seasoned pro's!

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